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Training for the 21st Century


Mission Statement
Using creativity, innovation and technology, we will develop and provide worthwhile products and services that will assist individuals and organizations to realize their full potential.

We believe that our products and services must provide real value to our clients.

We believe that understanding each client's particular needs is a necessary step in providing quality training.

We believe that each learner is unique and that learning will only occur when it builds on the learner's existing knowledge and experience.

We believe that learning is intrinsically enjoyable and that the learning experience must provide a personal sense of accomplishment and enlightenment for the learner.

We believe that high quality products and customer satisfaction are the key to our success and future.

CyberTrain is a division of John A. Ford & Associates Inc.

A Division of John A. Ford & Associates Inc.
24 Baylor Crescent, Georgetown, ON L7G 1A6 ph. (905) 873-3031 fax (905) 877-7147