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Why Some People Break The Rules and What To Do About It


  1-Day Seminar
100% Guaranteed – "You must be completely satisfied" John A. Ford, President
Why workers break rules and why supervisors avoid confronting them.

How To:

  • Achieve voluntary compliance
  • Minimize negative "side effects" which sometimes follow disciplinary action
  • Develop, revise, audit and create reports on company rules
  • Become a leader in safety through personal commitment

Contents Include:

  • Why People Break the Rules
  • 5 Steps of Achieving Compliance/ Reaching your goals
  • Dealing Effectively with Drugs and Alcohol
  • Importance of taking Immediate Action
  • Enforcement - Negative "Side Effects" and Employee Backlash
  • Dealing Effectively with Non-Compliant Behaviour
  • The Role of the Worker Representative with Disciplinary Action
  • The Commitment

Special Feature:

  • An innovative and entertaining video presentation provides the perfect illustration of the many topics featured in this seminar.
  • You will receive a comprehensive participant manual.
This fast paced 1-day course provides crucial information and is highly interactive!


In-House Training

Interested in having this program conducted in your facility? This Train the Trainer seminar can be conducted on five consecutive days or spread out over two or three weeks. This training is available when and where you request it.


  Enforce health and safety without generating resentment, work refusals,
backlash and other negative "side effects"

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