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Achieving Compliance Train the Trainer Seminar

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Enforce health and safety
without generating
work refusals,
backlash and other
negative "side effects"

In-House Training

Interested in having this program conducted in your facility? This Train the Trainer seminar can be conducted on five consecutive days or spread out over two or three weeks. This training is available when and where you request it.


Public Seminars

Interested in attending a public seminar? Call (905) 873-3031 for information on a seminar nearest you. Or use our on-line sign-up form

Why some people break the rules and what to do about it.

Special Features of This Program

Achieving Compliance 

Become a licensed trainer in this highly interactive and informative program and train your staff to Achieve Compliance. Conduct this training seminar for those who are responsible for dealing with non-compliance in health and safety and company rules in your organization. The model guidelines shown throughout this program are based on over twenty-five years of experience in supervisory training. Our model is reinforced through a video presentation in which viewers are challenged to make a personal commitment to achieve compliance.

To provide participants with the knowledge and skills to train supervisors, managers, forepersons, lead hands and team leaders to achieve 100% voluntary and verifiable employee compliance to company health and safety rules, regulations and the law.


Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Creating a Training "Foundation


Session 1: Why People Break the Rules

Session 2: Enforcement-Negative Side Effects and Backlash


Session 3: Dealing Effectively with Drugs and Alcohol

Session 4: Dealing Effectively with Non-Compliant Behaviour


Session 5: The Role of the Worker Representative

Session 6: Making the Commitment

Session 7: Getting Started



Train the trainer package includes:

Trainer’s are licensed to issue CyberTrain certificates with your company’s name and logo, produced free of charge by CyberTrain and kept on our database file for three years.

Who should attend?

The Train the Trainer course is geared toward Training Safety Co-ordinators, Senior Management, Human Resource Management and anyone responsible for the training and education of others. Experience in implementing training programs is an asset.

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